Where Did Cain Find Their Wife?

Just how to Re Re Solve the Riddle


Whom did Cain marry? Within the Bible, most of the individuals on the planet in those days had been straight descended from Adam and Eve. Where, then, did Cain find their spouse? Only 1 summary can be done. Cain married their sibling, niece, or niece that is great.

Two facts assist us re re solve this age-old secret:

  1. Not absolutely all of Adam’s descendants are called into the Bible.
  2. Cain’s age as he married is certainly not provided.

Cain had been the very first son of Adam and Eve, accompanied by Abel. Following the two brothers provided offerings to God, Cain murdered Abel. Most Bible readers assume Cain had been jealous of their cousin because God accepted Abel’s providing but rejected Cain’s.

But, that’s not explicitly stated. In reality, ahead of the killing we now have only 1 brief, puzzling declaration:

Later on, whenever God curses Cain for their sin, Cain replies:

«Today you may be driving me personally through the land, and I also will soon be concealed from your own existence; i am a restless wanderer on our planet, and whoever discovers me will destroy me.» (Genesis 4:14, NIV)

The expression «whoever discovers me» suggests there have been a number of other individuals already besides Adam, Eve, and Cain. A replacement for Abel, Adam was already 130 years old by the time Adam fathered his third son, Seth. A few generations has been created for the reason that time.

Genesis 5:4 states:

«After Seth was created, Adam lived 800 years along with other sons and daughters.» (NIV)

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