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What I want my teachers to know about me as a learner

Comments through the class I visited on 9/26/2008:

–I have difficulties interpreting what exactly is said and remembering in verbal and auditory issues– I am a little distracted sometimes –I often have trouble finding the correct words to say what I mean –I have a poor memory for name-face connection –I need visual, auditory, and touch information to clearly get across the point –From when I was little I had a speech problem and it manifests itself. I will hear that which you say but I can’t understand it.

I would like for my teachers to know that it is hard for me personally to publish papers. Enough time it requires some people x3 is the time it takes us to write that is not editing time that is including. Most of the knowledge We have was not obtained by writing responses but by reading class notes and some associated with the textbooks. Writing may be worth focusing on in education and communication yet not at the expense of not learning the best answers to the questions that were posed so the student must research the answers as well as other classes.

Regardless of the fact that once I graduate I will owe > $25,000 in figuratively speaking that have taken care of my education, I feel that which has taught me the most is what I actually receives a commission to accomplish … teach. I continue to pump so much money into this university to take classes which, at this time during my education, are irrelevant to life not in the classroom. Why do we pay a great deal for irrelevant knowledge?

Response to the video: 1. Sobering, enlightening, revealing, insightful what i would like my teachers to know about me as a learner 2. to learn that i could think, We have ideas, that I want to be engaged, I want to be concerned utilizing the topic and issues at hand (this class)|as a learner 2. Подробнее →