Whenever Several Thousand Greek Ladies Arrived as Photo

A lot more than 500,000 Greeks — 90 percent guys — emigrated to your united states of america between 1880 and 1920, https://realmailorderbrides.com/latin-brides producing a nightmare that is demographic their future as a residential district because of the not enough females.

The era of the picture bride was born and thousands of young Greek women were sent to America, many only after having seen their prospective husbands in a photograph that was sent to the village from faraway America by a friend or relative attempting to make the connection, or from a marriage agency set up in the immigrant communities abroad as a result.

It had been a journey that is dangerous unwed girls, and even though some had been enthusiastic to go out of Greece for the mythical «» new world «», numerous were forced against their will to go out of and commence new life with phase — usually much older — guys.

Many tales had been passed away from lips to lips and town to town about young girls left in the docks or train stations since they are not as stunning as their photographs, or as the husband that is prospective turned up to claim their bride.

Photo brides quickly joined the consciousness of Greeks on both sides associated with the Atlantic.

Popular Greek singer Rita Abazis recorded a song called “Min Me Stelneis Mana Stin Ameriki” or in English, “Mama Don’t forward us to America” about a child begging to her mom never to deliver her to America. Подробнее →