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Medieval Historical Backgrounds

Attempting to sell Your Lady in 19th-Century England

In 1869, https://ukrainian-wife.net/latin-brides Robert Chambers, publisher and journalist, brought forth the intriguing and strange Book of Days that collected miscellany from history and everyday activity.

The excerpt below relates to the continuing training of attempting to sell spouses. In the very own time this practice had been addressed as apocryphal. Many metropolitan, educated individuals assumed it had ceased. In this passage he collects examples drawn from modern papers like magazines and court records to show that among rural people it not just continued, but it was still considered somehow lawfully binding.

The Annual sign up for 1832 provided a free account of a single wife-sale which happened in the 7th of April for the reason that year. Joseph Thomson, a farmer, was in fact married for 36 months without finding their joy advanced, and then he along with his spouse at size decided to split. It really is a common idea amongst the rude and ignorant in England that a guy, by setting their spouse as much as general public auction, and thus parting along with her, lawfully dissolves the wedding tie, and escapes from all its responsibilities.

Thomson, under this belief, arrived to Carlisle along with his spouse, and also by the bellman announced which he had been planning to sell her. At twelve o’clock at noon the sale commenced, into the presence of numerous people. Thomson put their spouse on an oak that is large, having a rope or halter of straw round her throat. (He provided a message which, while funny, We have modified out—MH). Подробнее →